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Paint Industry

Brilliant Dynamic ERP For Paint Industry

ERP software can be the best pick among other digital solutions that are made available for the industries for smoother operations. Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP software aids the industries in achieving absolute control over all the operations. Operations are simplified, and monitoring them becomes easy. ERP software alleviate the tedious tasks in paint industry, and introduces harmony among the operations. ERP software largely depends on its modules for its working. These modules connects all the divisions and departments in the industry, so sharing information and data becomes seamless.

Paint ERP System Modules

H.R & Payroll

Brilliant ERP can help you predict demand, create budget and analyze HR functions.


Procurement of raw material for manufacturing the paint is crucial task in pain industry. Without raw material, the manufacturing process cannot be initiated. Procurement is done in batches, and preparing purchase orders and bills for procurement has to be done by Our ERP software.

Raw Inventory

Auto assign lot numbers during receiving and production , Select the right inventory based upon expiry dates, certifications and status , Optimize inventory levels using automated planning and procurement.

Formulation & Packaging

Controlling Chemical Formulation & Packaging to manage the production easily.It enables users to reflect on the effectiveness of certain task.

Planning & Scheduling

Every production industry has a timeline, and manufacturing must be completed in the given timeline. Production planning ensures that the paint industry achieves the targeted production in planned time.

Batch Production

In batch manufacturing, getting planning and scheduling right can make the difference between profit and loss. It has decades of experience helping organizations like yours ensure quality while reducing costs, optimizing inventory and managing a complex supply chain.

Paint Industry Paint Industry

Paint ERP System Modules


Our ERP : QC tests and special instruction tasks , Outbound pick, pack and ship tasks , Access real-time, accurate actionable data

Finished Goods Warehouses

The capabilities built into Brilliant warehouse management system allow paint and coatings manufactures, like yours, to use methods like cycle counting as part of inventory processes.


Sale Module is also the part of our ERP to easily manage your sales & Inventory.


Finance and accounts play significant role in successful running of business. All the financial transactions are maintained, detailed report are prepared in Brilliant ERP.


Define fixed, tiered and variable labor costs within specifications , Dynamically adjust recipes to meet cost target values , Optimize resources utilization based upon MRP and MPS planning

Mobile App

Mobile App Module Which can help to Grow & Controlling your business in every where easily. its include many feature like receiving , location tracking , aging report, gate pass & more.

see the demo of mobile app Click here

Paint Industry Paint Industry